Your Privacy is our priority

Data regulations are changing giving you more control over your personal data. Although the law has changed regarding your personal data privacy, we want to let you know that our responsibility towards you and how we give value to your privacy.

Your Personal Data

We have always treated privacy as a priority and we continue to do so. This summary is intended to help you better understand how we use your data and the rights that you have in respect of your data. For more details about the use of your data, please read our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

Data we collect from you and other third parties and how we use it

We collect data from you when you fill an application form and when you use our services. We also collect data from third parties where, for example, we need to run credit checks or obtain additional information in order to fulfil our obligations to you. We use the data we collect to deliver the services to you and to improve our services for our customers generally. We also use your data to comply with our legal obligations.

Keeping you informed

If you’ve chosen to hear from us about the services we offer as well as deals and promotions, we’ll continue to use your data to bring you information we think you’ll be interested in. You can opt out any time if you no longer want to receive offers from us.

Sharing your data

We use third parties to help us provide the services. These third parties may need to access your personal data and, accordingly, our Privacy Policy describes the nature of these vendors and the circumstances in which we’ll disclose your data to them. We also need to disclose your data if required by law. We do not and will not sell any of your personal data to any third party.

You are in control

You have a wide number of rights in respect of your data. Our Privacy Policy explains how you can exercise these rights, including how you can access the personal data which we hold; and how you can change this data or request for it to be deleted.

We want you to feel in control of your data. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Nest Estates Ltd

2. Securing an Accurate Clients Data:

Check List: Do Computers are password protected?
Do Table Draws have lock?
Do cupboards have lock system in place?
Does every single piece of information gets locked before closing time?

3. Disposal of Clients Personal Data:

Check list: Do we have a proper system in place to completely dispose of the Personal data.i.e Shredder

4. Our Clear Privacy Policy:

Checklist: Do we have a Clear Cut Privacy Policy in Place.i.e On Website or in a Documented form.

Mitigation: A Privacy Notice could be included in Letting agreement and signed by Tenant.

5. System in place for providing Personal Information to relevant person:

When client ask for what Information we hold for them there should be a system to provide his personal and relevant information after a complete Check weather the relevant person is asking.

6. System in place to delete all Personal data on client’s request:

We are obliged to delete all personal data completely upon request by our customer.

7. “Opt in” Clause in place for marketing Purpose and Explanation how information will be used.

There should be a correspondence with the client weather by post or by email that Weather client want to remain opt in for the future emails for marketing, publicity and Promotions or not.

8. Make it easy to “Opt Out” or unsubscribe:

Make it easy for the client if they no longer want to receive marketing emails.

9. Awareness to GDPR Law for all members of the organization:

Finally, most important that all Internal stakeholders of our company should know about this new legislation and should be seen as acting on it.